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Educational Events & Scholarship Opportunities

Ongoing Art Exhibits

For additional events in Little Tokyo, please see: http://www.littletokyola.org/ 

Upcoming events

    • Saturday, April 30, 2016
    • 10:00 AM
    • Saturday, May 21, 2016
    • 4:00 PM
    • Far East Lounge (Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA)


    2016年4月30日(土)~5月21日(土) 毎週土曜日

    Far East Lounge
    353 E. 1st St., Los Angeles
    , CA 90012 (リトル東京

    リトル東京サービスセンタではUSSBAスモルビジネスアソシエション)の共催により, 家トレニングプログラムを催致します このプログラムは24時間にわたるセミナ形式となっており家のマインドセット、 ビジネスプランのき方 ビジネスの形態、 組織構成の仕方 雇用法、 税金問題、 ケティングなどのビジネスを立ち上げるための基的かつ必要な情を学ぶ勉会です

    スピの方は士、 、 EDD、 IRS、 等の家から実際に活されている起家の方々に来てきます。 におけるノを学べる24時間の集中的なワクショップですすべてのプログラムを了された方にはプログラム証書行します。


    参加者は先着25名となっており, になり次第め切らせてきます

    RSVP: ビジネスカウンセラー 川口容子 ykawaguchi@ltsc.org
    213 473 1658

    Fees: $60 (教材費)


    • Tuesday, May 03, 2016
    • Saturday, May 07, 2016
    • MGM Grand (Las Vegas, NV)

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - Saturday, May 7, 2016
    Tuesday - Friday, 8:00pm
    Saturday, 7:00pm and 10:00pm

    David Copperfield Theater in MGM Grand
    Las Vegas, NV

    In August 2015, Kabuki actor, Ichikawa Somegoro starred in an original fountain show that integrated Kabuki, the waterworks of the choreographed fountains, and video projection created by Japan’s leading digital artists - the event was an enormous success.

    For May 2016, an original new Kabuki play will be created specially for the David Copperfield Theater in MGM Grand, featuring Ichikawa Somegoro and in collaboration with technological artwork. Also at the Fountains of Bellagio, in succession to last year’s critically acclaimed performance, a new version incorporating the fountain choreography with video projection, thematized on the aesthetics of the four seasons in Japan will take place.


    The story is based on the legend of the father lion who throws his child into a ravine to test his strength through hardship. The show incorporates several typically kabuki elements that will astonish the audience: elegant dances, the unique onnagata female role portrayed by a male actor, acrobatic fight scenes and the lion’s vigorous movements, lavish costumes and makeup and many other treasures of this traditional Japanese theatrical artistry. Integrated into this is the video projection created by leading Japanese creative media artists.


    The story takes place at Mount Seiryo - a Buddhist ethereal location where the gods live. Shi-Shi-O serves Monju, the Buddhist deity of spiritual wisdom. Shi-Shi-O’s children will be celebrating their coming of age but before this rite of passage, he sends them on a mission. They are to defeat a mythical creature who is said to be the dark-side of the human heart, to return the treasured sword Shi-Shi-Maru that was stolen from Monju. The brave brothers descend from the stone bridge to the netherworld.

    They disguise themselves as humans and courageously fight the creature, and upon their victory, return to Mount Seiryo. Monju validates the brothers’ coming of age and the shishi-lions celebrate gloriously.

    Seating     Ticket Price (plus tax and fee)

    VIP                 $190.05
    Premium         $140.05
    Standard        $80.05

    Rear               $55.05

    Buy Tickets

    More information on the event

    For inquiries about the show: sh_kabukilion@shochiku.co.jp

    • Thursday, May 12, 2016
    • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • Webinar

    Thursday, May 12, 2016
    1:00 – 2:00pm ET
    10:00 – 11:00am PT

    Location: Webinar (please register to receive log in info)

    Join Pillsbury's Crisis Management Team as theyreview real crisis examples and discuss mistakes made and lessons learned. During the course of this webinar they will glean ten best practices to implement when dealing with or preparing for a crisis.

    Crisis Management Team speakers will include:
    Thomas Campbell, Partner, Pillsbury
    Fusae Nara, Partner, Pillsbury
    Mark Plumer, Partner, Pillsbury
    Christine Scheuneman, Partner, Pillsbury
    Amanda Halter, Counsel, Pillsbury

    Please register by May 11.

    For more information, please contact Ana Mena.

    One hour of CLE Credit pending (CA, TX, VA, NY)

    Register Online

    • Saturday, May 14, 2016
    • 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • JACCC (Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA)


    Saturday, May 14, 2016 12:00pm - 4:00pm

    Japanese American Cultural & Community Center
    Garden Room A

    244 South San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

    Are you currently job hunting, interested in intercultural communication, or searching for ways to apply skills developed on JET to enhance your career? Then join the JET Alumni Association of Southern California for their biggest networking event of the year and hear from world renowned intercultural communications expert Rochelle Kopp!

    Many recruiters and company representatives are invited to this event, so bring your resumes if job hunting and meishi/business cards regardless!

    Rochelle Kopp, founder of Japan Intercultural Consulting and author of The Rice-Paper Ceiling, will be offering her expertise on bridging Japanese and American business communication styles.

    For a YouTube clip of Ms. Kopp, click here.

    For her book, please click here.

    $15 for JET Alumni and Students

    $20 for Friends of JETs

    $50 for Recruiters

    Space is limited.

    R.S.V.P. on Facebook or reserve tickets online

    • Saturday, May 14, 2016
    • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Gardena Valley JCI (Gardena, CA)

    Students of Nobori-Cho Elementary School making paper crane boxes

    Saturday, May 14, 2016 1:00pm to 3:00pm

    Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute
    Nisei Veterans Memorial Hall
    1964 W. 162nd St.
    , Gardena, CA 90247

    Cost:  Pay what you wish

    Sadako Sasaki (left) and the paper crane she folded (right)

    Heiwa no Kakehashi - “Bridge of Peace,” will commemorate and continue the inspiring legacy of Sadako Sasaki, a young Japanese girl who died of leukemia after being exposed to radiation produced by the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.  Sadako folded 1,000 origami cranes in the hope of surviving her leukemia, and Sadako and the paper crane have become international symbols of peace for children around the world.

    The Heiwa no Kakehashi program will include the folding of paper crane boxes that are decorated by the students of the Nobori-Cho Elementary School in Hiroshima, Japan, the school that Sadako attended.  The crane boxes are decorated with images and messages of hope, peace, and friendship.  Each child who folds a paper crane box will keep the box. The crane boxes are made of recycled paper produced by “orizuru” (paper cranes) that are offered to the Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima.  Each year, approximately 10 million paper cranes from around the world are offered to the monument.   In addition to folding the paper crane box, children will also be decorating paper cranes, and these paper cranes will be sent to the children of Nobori-Cho Elementary School.

    Second part of the program features “Sadako’s Story,” written by Masahiro Sasaki, Sadako’s older brother, that tells the moving story of Sadako and her paper cranes.  Masahiro was four years old when the atomic bomb was dropped, Sadako was two years old.

    Music will also be featured in the program, including the singing of “Inori” (Prayer), written by Yuji Sasaki (Sadako’s nephew), with lyrics in Japanese and English.  “Inori” is inspired by Sadako’s story; Yuji explains how he came to write the song: “Despite facing death, Sadako always showed a brave smile to her family. I tried putting myself in her place to compose the lyrics."  The song will be sung by members of the Wings of Peace choir conducted by Rachel Chew, along with guest artists.

    The organizers hope that this will become an ongoing exchange of friendship between children in America and Japan.

    For more information or to RSVP, contact Michelle Yamashiro at myamashiro@jci-gardena.org or call at 310-324-6611.  Visit online at Jci-gardena.org and facebook.com/GVJCI
    • Wednesday, May 25, 2016
    • 6:30 PM
    • Torrance Cultural Arts Center (Torrance, CA)

    Wednesday, May 25, 2016 6:30pm

    Torrance Cultural Arts Center - Toyota Meeting Hall
    3330 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503

    World Peace Lecture by the winner of "American Spirit Award” (National Council for the Social Studies, 2015)

    Sadako Sasaki, a girl who was exposed to high levels of radiation from the Hiroshima atomic bomb, believed the saying in Japan that “A person’s wishes will be granted if one folds 1,000 paper cranes”, she folded 1,500 paper cranes on her hospital bed wishing for recovery and for her family. 60 years later, her story and paper cranes have become a symbol of World Peace and have been donated and are displayed at various places including "911 Tribute Center, New York", Pearl Harbor Visitor Center of the USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulu, Truman Library, Okinawa, Hiroshima, Austria Peace Library. 

    The story of Sadako’s paper crane moved President Trumans's Grandson, as well as children all over the world.

    Mr. Masahiro Sasaki
    (Sadako Sasaki's Family)
    Mr. Yuji Sasaki (Sadako Sasaki's Family)

    Mr. Clifton Truman Daniel (Grandson of President Truman)

    Main Cast and Crew

    Includes refreshments and a ticket to "Orizuru 2015" screening at Laemmle Royal 

    Early Bird: $55 (Must purchase online by 5/20)
    At the Door: $60

    Purchase tickets online or call (310) 373-4888

    • Thursday, May 26, 2016
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • The Langham Pasadena, Huntington (Pasadena, CA)
    The Japan America Society of Southern California requests the pleasure of your company at its

    107th Anniversary Dinner & Gala Celebration



    Sunkist Growers, Inc.



    Morinaga Milk Industries, Co. Ltd.

    Please join the Japan America Society of Southern California as we recognize and celebrate the more than 40-year partnership between

     Sunkist Growers  and  Morinaga Milk.

    Leveraging a premium, fresh citrus brand, together they have created innovative, high-quality health, food and beverage products enjoyed by consumers in Japan.

    Thursday, May 26, 2016
    6pm Reception & Silent Auction
    7pm Dinner Program

    The Langham Pasadena, Huntington

    , CA

    Ray Ushikubo, Pianist

    Fourteen-year-old pianist prodigy, Ray Ushikubo, has performed on the stages of Carnegie Hall and Merkin Concert Hall in New York City, and on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. A student at the Colburn School’s music academy, Ray made his orchestral debut at age 10 and has performed with many world-renowned musicians.

    For additional information or VIP Reception and attractive sponsorship opportunities, please contact Kay Amano, Programs Director, at amano@jas-socal.org or 310-965-9050 ext. 104.

    • Friday, May 27, 2016
    • Thursday, June 02, 2016
    • Laemmle Royal Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)

    Friday, May 27, 2016 - Thursday, June 2, 2016

    Laemmle Royal Theatre (West LA)
    11523 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

    A Tale of Modern Day Friendship inspired by Sadako’s Crane

    This short film shines the light on Sadako Sasaki's (a girl who folded thousand cranes after being exposed to high levels of radiation from the Hiroshima atomic bomb, and diagnosed with leukemia) family and the people from both sides of the Pacific, who took down cultural and historical barriers, both big and small, through their hard work and courage.

    Film screening & Talk show
    5/28, 5/29, 5/30 (11:30 am

    Special Guests

    Mr. Masahiro Sasaki & Mr. Yuji Sasaki (Sadako Sasaki's Family)
    Mr. Clifton Truman Daniel (Grandson of President Truman)

    Main Cast and Crew

    General $20
    Students (under 18) $15

    Film screening only
    5/27, 5/31, 6/1, 6/2 (Noon)
    5/28, 5/29, 5/30 (10:30 am)

    General $8
    Students (under 18) $6

    Click Here to purchase tickets

Past events

Tuesday, May 03, 2016 90th Annual World Trade Week Kickoff Breakfast
Friday, April 29, 2016 2016 Japanese American Student Program
Saturday, April 23, 2016 第6回LAフクオカコネクト: 日米農産物トレードの現状と展望
Tuesday, April 19, 2016 In America’s Backyard: What East Asian Economic Ties to Latin America Mean for U.S. Business
Sunday, April 17, 2016 弁護士&税理士によるコラボセミナー
Saturday, April 16, 2016 Torrance Sister City Association's 44th Annual Bunka-Sai Japanese Cultural Festival
Saturday, April 09, 2016 Orange County Buddhist Church Hanamatsuri Festival
Sunday, April 03, 2016 2016 Tokyo City Cup & Japan Family Day
Tuesday, March 29, 2016 ANA Inspiration: Inspiring Women in Sports Conference
Friday, March 25, 2016 Yamato Sake Night 2016
Thursday, March 24, 2016 Service in Japan Alumni Reception
Sunday, March 20, 2016 5th Annual Japan Culture Expo MATSURI Japanese Festival
Sunday, March 20, 2016 Cherry Blossom Festival of Huntington Beach
Friday, March 18, 2016 Screening & Director's Q&A: Tohoku Tomo
Friday, March 18, 2016 APIDC's 2016 Statewide Disabilities Conference
Thursday, March 17, 2016 Women in Leadership: Work-Life Balance
Sunday, March 13, 2016 Fuzjko Hemming Piano Recital with Cellist Marek Szpakiewicz
Sunday, March 06, 2016 Fifth Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Memorial Special Events
Sunday, February 28, 2016 Whale Watch Cruise ホエールウォッチングクルーズ
Saturday, February 27, 2016 Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute - Day of Remembrance
Sunday, February 21, 2016 Kyushu Fair featuring Kokura Gion Daiko Drum Performance
Sunday, February 07, 2016 Movie Screening: 「風に立つライオン」 ”The Lion Standing in the Wind”
Saturday, February 06, 2016 Cinema Kabuki
Friday, February 05, 2016 Movie Screening: Action, Anarchy and Audacity: A Seijun Suzuki Retrospective
Monday, February 01, 2016 Scholarship Opportunity: TOMODACHI scholarship to attend the The 2016 Junior Summit in Mie, JAPAN
Sunday, January 31, 2016 US Weight Category Karate Championships 2016
Monday, January 25, 2016 Opportunities for California and Japan: Deregulating Japan’s Electricity Market
Saturday, December 26, 2015 USA-Japan High School Baseball Series 2015 - 日米親善高校野球大会
Saturday, December 12, 2015 Maria Sharapova & Friends - Kei Nishikori - Tennis & Entertainment Event
Saturday, November 21, 2015 APIDC’s Second Annual Gala
Sunday, November 15, 2015 Torrance Sister City Association Seeking Adult Leader for Cultural Exchange
Saturday, November 07, 2015 2015 Nisei Week Fashion Event
Wednesday, November 04, 2015 Nagoya Trade Show 2015
Saturday, October 24, 2015 Nihon Buyo: Naomichi Hanazono Japanese Dance Performance
Sunday, October 18, 2015 Aurora Benefit Concert: Angela Aki
Saturday, October 17, 2015 Piano Concert and Gourmet Dinner at The Riviera Country Club with World Renowned Concert Pianist Ikuyo Nakamichi
Thursday, October 15, 2015 Documentary Screening: Right of Passage and Producer Q&A
Saturday, October 03, 2015 Rengapoi: Hyper-Arts Innovation Japan Style
Monday, September 28, 2015 47th Annual Japan America Golf Classic
Saturday, September 26, 2015 11th Japan Film Festival Los Angeles 2015
Saturday, September 19, 2015 Nikkei Women Legacy Award 2015 - Honoring Joyce Wakano Chinn
Friday, September 18, 2015 North American Premiere: Peace on Your Wings The Musical
Saturday, August 29, 2015 オペラ歌手 稲垣俊也・遠藤久美子:讃美コンサート
Saturday, August 22, 2015 日本語オペラ 「かぐや姫」 / Japanese Opera "Kaguya Hime" ~ Princess from the Moon
Thursday, August 20, 2015 2015 Rising Tohoku Food Fair
Friday, August 07, 2015 Operetta "Nadeshiko: Letters from the Hiroshima family to their beloved children" 音楽劇 「撫子~疎開児童への広島の家族からの手紙~」
Saturday, July 25, 2015 Cheer on Team Japan, and 170 other Nations at the Special Olympics Opening Ceremony
Monday, July 20, 2015 JF Nihongo Summer Camp for Teens: Discover Little Tokyo
Sunday, July 12, 2015 大日方邦子講演会 『壁なんて破れる〜パラリンピックメダリストの挑戦』
Monday, July 06, 2015 25th Annual Japan-America Grassroots Summit
Tuesday, June 30, 2015 JASSC 106th Anniversary Dinner & Gala Celebration
Tuesday, June 30, 2015 Go For Broke National Education Center - Student Essay and Video Contest
Friday, June 19, 2015 UNIQLO Grand Opening in Santa Monica
Friday, May 29, 2015 MUSICAL: Waterfall
Saturday, May 23, 2015 A Night of 88's - Featuring piano soloists Ray Ushikubo and Sebastian Chang
Saturday, May 23, 2015 The 12th Annual Japanese Language Scholarship Foundation All-USA High School Japanese Speech Contest
Tuesday, May 05, 2015 89th Annual World Trade Week Kickoff Breakfast
Saturday, April 25, 2015 Torrance Sister City Association's 43rd Annual Bunka-Sai Japanese Cultural Festival
Monday, April 06, 2015 Chapman University's Cherry Blossom Festival
Monday, April 06, 2015 東京IT勉強会「米国の現場から見えてきたビッグデータ革命 日本でのビジネスチャンスを探る」
Saturday, March 28, 2015 2015 Tokyo City Cup & Japan Family Day and Ramen Yokocho
Thursday, March 26, 2015 Screening: LITTLE BOY
Sunday, March 22, 2015 Cherry Blossom Festival of Huntington Beach
Wednesday, March 11, 2015 Panel Discussion & Reception with Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki, a Business Leader and 3 Young Leaders from Japan
Tuesday, March 10, 2015 Tomodachi Inouye Community Event
Saturday, March 07, 2015 Cello Recital in Memory of 3.11 Earthquake & Tsunami in Tohoku Area of Japan
Friday, March 06, 2015 Jazz Performance: Alan Chan Jazz Orchestra "Tsu Zu Ku" - Supporting 2011 Japan Relief Fund
Monday, March 02, 2015 Noh Performance: BE CONNECTED "Tsunagu"
Thursday, February 26, 2015 California's Fiscal Future with State Treasurer, The Hon. John Chiang
Saturday, February 21, 2015 SCREENING: “Our American Family: The Furutas” An American pioneer story
Thursday, February 19, 2015 Free Export Workshop by Port of LA TradeConnect
Sunday, February 01, 2015 Fujiyama Ichiban Festival
Monday, January 26, 2015 VerdeXchange 2015 Conference & Expo
Sunday, January 25, 2015 Japanese Chamber of Commerce - 2015 Officers’ Installation and CORA and Nikkei Spirit Awards Presentation
Friday, January 23, 2015 Legal and Business Strategies for Exporting to Japan and the Philippines
Thursday, January 22, 2015 The CEEs and the Current Enforcement Environment CBP Protecting the Revenue and Combating Fraud
Thursday, January 15, 2015 Cute Character Bento Contest 2015 presented by The Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles
Thursday, January 15, 2015 The Nippon Foundation Fellows Program
Friday, December 12, 2014 Documentary Screening: "Do You Know What My Name Is?"
Sunday, December 07, 2014 Edo Popular Art in the Age of Great Transformation
Saturday, December 06, 2014 Photo Exhibition by Sanjiro Minamikawa: The Heart of Japan - 62nd Jingu Shikinen Sengu at Ise
Saturday, November 29, 2014 Jazz Performances: "Tsu Zu Ku" - Supporting 2011 Japan Relief Fund
Sunday, November 16, 2014 NWLA Speaker Series: An Evening with Naomi Hirahara
Thursday, November 13, 2014 Free Film Screening "Buddhist Art: A Fragile Inheritance"
Sunday, November 09, 2014 15th Annual Japanese Food Festival
Friday, November 07, 2014 Symposium: Employment Law, Bargaining Power, and the Gap
Thursday, November 06, 2014 The U.S. - Japan Alliance Conference Series
Saturday, November 01, 2014 Japan Fair 2014
Sunday, October 26, 2014 Piano Concert and Gourmet Dinner at The Riviera Country Club with World Renowned Concert Pianist Ikuyo Nakamichi
Tuesday, October 21, 2014 EAST ASIAN GARDEN LECTURE SERIES: Green Tea Across the Pacific: Japanese Producers and American Consumers, 1870–1940
Sunday, October 19, 2014 18th Annual Japan America Kite Festival® 第18回 日米凧あげ大会
Friday, October 17, 2014 Alan Chan Jazz Orchestra Celebrating "SHRIMP TALE"
Saturday, October 11, 2014 Aurora Benefit Concert: TSUKEMEN (Violin and Piano)
Friday, October 10, 2014 US Tour: One-Man Kabuki Storyteller, Kunitoshi Kineya
Sunday, October 05, 2014 110th Anniversary of the Japanese Women’s Society of Southern California
Friday, October 03, 2014 2014 Annual 3.11 Memorial Benefit Golf Tournament in Iwate Prefecture, Japan
Wednesday, October 01, 2014 Special Lecture “Japan - China Update: Competition or Cooperation?” The Honorable Harry H. Horinouchi Consul General of Japan, Los Angeles
Monday, September 22, 2014 46th Annual Japan America Golf Classic & Tennis Open
Thursday, September 11, 2014 無料 遺産相続セミナー
Thursday, September 04, 2014 2014 NAAAP Convention & Career Fair: Rise of Asian America
Wednesday, September 03, 2014 Small Business Impact on LA's Economy
Tuesday, September 02, 2014 Welcome Luncheon in Honor of The Honorable Harry H. Horinouchi, Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles 堀之内秀久新総領事 歓迎会
Saturday, August 30, 2014 2014 MAVTV 500 INDYCAR World Championships - Meet & Greet with Takuma Sato!
Sunday, August 24, 2014 ロサンゼルス木鶏クラブ創立2周年記念講演会 「大人が変われば、子供は変わる」
Saturday, August 23, 2014 Japan Junior All-Star Team vs. MLB Urban Youth Academy - 日米親善野球大会
Thursday, August 21, 2014 Veranda: Contemplating the Spaces In-Between
Friday, August 15, 2014 Hashi.org Offers $1000 Scholarship for Study and Travel in Japan
Thursday, August 14, 2014 Sake Shochu Tasting
Sunday, August 10, 2014 First Annual Nagaoya Day
Friday, August 01, 2014 Remembering Sadako: Folding for Peace
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Los Angeles Dodgers JAPAN NIGHT!
Sunday, July 27, 2014 Nisei Week Fashion Event
Thursday, July 24, 2014 2014 LEAP Leadership Awards Gala
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 Cheer on Japanese Soccer player - Shinji Kagawa of Manchester United fight on the LA Galaxy! マンチェスターユナイテッドの香川信司がロスにやってくる!
Monday, July 21, 2014 JF Nihongo Summer Camp for Teens: Discover Little Tokyo
Saturday, July 05, 2014 AnimE De Summer Festival
Wednesday, July 02, 2014 Can California Survive Another Drought? "Water is Serious Business" with Jeffrey Kightlinger, General Manager, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Saturday, June 28, 2014 Panel Discussion on The Economic Effects of the Great Tohoku Earthquake
Tuesday, June 17, 2014 JASSC 105th Anniversary Dinner & Gala Celebration
Thursday, June 12, 2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Integration Conference
Thursday, June 12, 2014 Business Matchmaking Development Workshop
Sunday, June 08, 2014 2014 Jokun Recognition ‘Community’ Luncheon
Sunday, June 08, 2014 Fujiyama Ichiban: The Movie
Friday, May 09, 2014 Japan Film Festival Los Angeles 2014
Saturday, May 03, 2014 Fiesta Matsuri
Friday, May 02, 2014 88th Annual World Trade Week Kickoff Breakfast
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 Summer School in Karuizawa, Japan - Full Scholarship Opportunity for middle school students
Monday, April 28, 2014 Redefining U.S. - Japan Ties
Sunday, April 27, 2014 Childhood in Fukushima - Finding Hope in Adversity
Thursday, April 24, 2014 Taste of Little Tokyo
Saturday, March 29, 2014 Huntington Beach Sister City Japanese Cultural Festival
Saturday, March 29, 2014 2014 Tokyo City Cup & Japan Family Day
Monday, March 24, 2014 Bending Adversity - Japan and the Art of Survival, Program and Book Signing with author David Piling
Saturday, March 22, 2014 Grateful Crane Ensemble "Let the Good Times Roll" - Fundraising Dinner and Silent Auction
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 FTA Webinar: Selecting and Working with a Custom's Broker
Monday, March 10, 2014 Aurora Challenge Grant
Saturday, March 08, 2014 LOVE TO NIPPON 2014 - 3.11 Memorial Event: Lessons Learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Friday, February 21, 2014 Hayao Miyazaki Film Screening: The Wind Rises
Thursday, February 20, 2014 Toward Global Coordination of Monetary Policy
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 LAEDC 2014-2015 Economic Forecast & Industry Outlook
Saturday, February 08, 2014 Colburn Orchestra Concert - featuring soloist Riria Niimura, flute
Saturday, February 08, 2014 Los Angeles-Nagoya Sister City Affiliation New Year's Luncheon
Wednesday, February 05, 2014 Hong Kong Association of Socal - Chinese New Year Reception
Tuesday, February 04, 2014 In the Middle of the Future: Tom Plate on Asia
Friday, January 31, 2014 SSRC-USC Public Symposium: “POSSIBLE FUTURES FOR JAPAN”
Monday, January 27, 2014 FTA Presents: Customs Brokers License Examination Course
Sunday, January 26, 2014 VERDEXCHANGE's 7th Annual Green Marketmakers Conference
Friday, January 24, 2014 Kaz Oshiro: Chasing Ghosts
Sunday, December 15, 2013 Fujiyama Ichiban Festival
Sunday, December 15, 2013 Japanese American Documentary Film Festival
Saturday, November 16, 2013 ai kuwabara trio project US Tour 2013
Saturday, November 16, 2013 Japan Society of Northern California's Award of Honor Gala 2013
Saturday, November 16, 2013 Performance: Nihonmachi:The Place to be
Thursday, November 14, 2013 Life Reimagined: Optimism for Our Aging Society
Sunday, November 10, 2013 The Way of Brush - Calligraphy Exhibit by Meito Shodo-kai
Saturday, November 09, 2013 Veterans Day with Go For Broke
Sunday, November 03, 2013 The 18th Awaya-kai Koto Concert
Sunday, October 20, 2013 17th Annual Japan America Kite Festival® 第17回 日米凧あげ大会
Saturday, October 19, 2013 2013 MAVTV 500 INDYCAR World Championships - Meet & Greet with Takuma Sato!
Friday, October 18, 2013 World Taiko Music Explosion with Hiro Hayashida
Thursday, October 17, 2013 Consul Izuru Shimmura Welcome Luncheon
Monday, September 30, 2013 Okazaki - Newport Beach Sister City & NB Rotary Pumpkin Carving BBQ
Saturday, September 28, 2013 Outdoor Movie Screening: HACHI - A Dog's Tale
Friday, September 27, 2013 Cool Japan Park at the LA County Fair
Monday, September 23, 2013 45th Annual Japan America Golf Classic & Tennis Open
Thursday, September 19, 2013 JF Nihongo Japanese Language Courses Fall 2013
Saturday, September 14, 2013 1st Los Angeles Ramen Yokocho Fest
Saturday, September 07, 2013 Legacy Harmony Music Series & Zoku @ Little Tokyo
Friday, August 30, 2013 Go For Broke National Education Center's High School and College Student Essay Contest
Thursday, August 29, 2013 Movie Screening: LIL TOKYO REPORTER - Exclusive Screening & DVD Release
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 ABA Makeover: Business Edition
Monday, July 22, 2013 JF Nihongo Summer Camp for Teens!
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 LAEDC 2013 Mid-year Economic Forecast
Friday, July 12, 2013 LA Dodgers Japanese American Community Fundraising Night
Wednesday, July 10, 2013 USA Volleyball Cup: USA vs Japan
Wednesday, June 26, 2013 Britain, The US and a World of Opportunities
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 Exclusive Tour of the new Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden
Sunday, June 09, 2013 An Afternoon with Hanayagi Rokumine
Friday, May 31, 2013 Business Mission to Japan
Saturday, May 25, 2013 The 10th Annual All-USA High School Japanese Speech Contest
Sunday, May 19, 2013 Performance: HOLD THESE TRUTHS - The Journey of Gordon Hirabayashi
Wednesday, May 15, 2013 7th Annual US-Japan Green Conference: ALTERNATIVES TO NUCLEAR “Japan's Renewable Energy Options”
Wednesday, May 15, 2013 LAEDC International Trade Outlook
Saturday, May 11, 2013 2013 Japan Film Festival
Saturday, May 04, 2013 UCI Tomo No Kai’s 26th Annual Cultural Night
Saturday, May 04, 2013 Ocarina and Koto Charity Concert 2013 - For The Children of Fukushima -
Thursday, May 02, 2013 87th Annual World Trade Week Kickoff Breakfast
Wednesday, May 01, 2013 AURORA Challenge Grant
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 Summer School in Karuizawa, Japan - Full Scholarship Opportunity for middle school students
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Indulge in the Perfect Ten: Okazaki - Newport Beach Sister City Fundraiser
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 All-USA High School Japanese Speech Contest Accepting Applications
Saturday, April 20, 2013 The Getty Center Film Series: In Tokyo
Sunday, April 07, 2013 NHK Drama "Oshin" Broadcasting on UTB18.2
Saturday, March 30, 2013 Hikobae: A Cross-Pacific Production Honoring the First Responders of the Japanese Earthquake
Thursday, March 28, 2013 Import Safety - Product Compliance and Enforcement
Saturday, March 23, 2013 Movie Screening: North Canaries
Saturday, March 23, 2013 2013 Tokyo City Cup & Japan Family Day
Saturday, March 23, 2013 Meet & Greet with 4th Generation Japanese American Kyle Larson in NASCAR
Friday, March 22, 2013 Orange County Friendship Choir Concert / OCFC 第3回定期コンサート
Friday, March 22, 2013 Global Agenda in Post Fukushima
Friday, March 22, 2013 5th GOLD Symposium: Reflect, Renew and Reinvent, Driving Innovation Through Inclusion
Saturday, March 16, 2013 Practice, Ideology, and Symbolics: A Symposium in Honor of Professor Herman Ooms
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Japan America Society's Annual Members' Meeting 南カリフォルニア日米協会 会員総会
Sunday, March 10, 2013 LOVE TO NIPPON 2013 - 3.11 Memorial Event: Lessons Learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Friday, March 08, 2013 Japan and the Culture of Four Seasons: Nature, Literature, and the Arts
Monday, March 04, 2013 A Special Sreening and Panel Discussion of the Film, Emperor
Thursday, February 28, 2013 Film Screening: Metamorphosis
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 The Newly-Elected Abe Administration and its Policies
Saturday, February 23, 2013 Lecture & Film Screening: "The Tale of Genji: World's First Novel"
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 LAEDC February Economic Forecast and Industry Outlook
Tuesday, February 12, 2013 2013 Northern Trust Open Tickets Fore Charity
Saturday, February 09, 2013 Los Angeles-Nagoya Sister City Affiliation New Year's Luncheon
Thursday, January 31, 2013 Mrs. Masako Unoura Tanaka: Surviving the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 Japanese for Fun: Making Sushi in Japanese
Friday, January 25, 2013 Retrospective of animated films from Japan's Studio Ghibli
Thursday, January 24, 2013 Restoration of Fukushima from 3.11
Thursday, January 17, 2013 第2回LAフクオカ・コネクト
Saturday, January 05, 2013 2013 New Year's Daiku Concert: Beethoven's 9th
Wednesday, December 26, 2012 USA-Japan High School Baseball Series 2012 - 日米親善高校野球大会
Friday, December 14, 2012 LA EigaFest2012
Wednesday, December 12, 2012 Japanese Cinema Night Screening at JFLA - "About Her Brother"
Saturday, December 08, 2012 Iron Chef Sakai LIVE!
Sunday, December 02, 2012 Twenty-Fifth Annual Michele Berton Memorial Lecture on Japanese Art: Coming of Age, Finally? The Development of i-Culture in Japanese Art of the Last Twenty-Five Years
Saturday, November 24, 2012 OHANA: Celebrating Community at the JACCC
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 2012 NIKKEI Seminar in ロサンゼルス 「米大統領選挙後の世界を読む」
Saturday, November 17, 2012 Movie Screening: LIL TOKYO REPORTER - Orange County Premiere
Thursday, November 15, 2012 第1回LAフクオカ・コネクト
Friday, November 09, 2012 Buddhist Futures: Conceptions of Modernity and Temporality in Modern Japanese Buddhism
Sunday, November 04, 2012 Japanese Food Festival: Experience & Explore Japanese Cuisine & Culture
Sunday, November 04, 2012 Shijo Style Knife Ceremony ~1200 Year Old Ancient Sacred Ceremony~
Friday, November 02, 2012 Cherry Blossom Centennial Concert - A Touch of Tokyo -
Sunday, October 28, 2012 Aurora Benefit Award Dinner, Auction & Michel Bell Mini Live Concert
Sunday, October 14, 2012 16th Annual Japan America Kite Festival® 第16回 日米凧あげ大会
Saturday, October 13, 2012 Film Screening: Manzanar Fishing Club
Tuesday, October 09, 2012 Japan and the TPP
Friday, October 05, 2012 Taiko Drum Performance by ANSHO DAIKO
Wednesday, October 03, 2012 Japanese for Fun: Making Sushi in Japanese
Monday, September 24, 2012 44th Annual Japan America Golf Classic & Tennis Open
Thursday, September 20, 2012 Bank of the West 主催 「世界経済見通し」セミナー
Saturday, September 15, 2012 2012 IZOD IndyCar Series Race at Auto Club Speedway - Meet & Greet with Takuma Sato!
Tuesday, September 11, 2012 Community Farewelcome Luncheon for Deputy Consul General Yusuke Shindo and New Deputy Consul General
Monday, September 10, 2012 2013 Reischauer Scholars Program - Application Information for US High School Students
Sunday, September 09, 2012 Panel Discussion: Tohoku Update
Wednesday, September 05, 2012 LA Dodgers vs San Diego Padres, Hello Kitty Tote Giveaway at Dodger Stadium
Friday, August 31, 2012 JACCC FilmFest
Friday, August 31, 2012 West Coast Tai Kai 2012 A Traditional Japanese Sword Event
Thursday, August 30, 2012 The Japan Foundation Los Angeles Open House!
Tuesday, August 28, 2012 American Express Presents: Reel to Reel: My KoAloha Story
Saturday, August 25, 2012 漆と蒔絵の世界
Friday, August 24, 2012 Japan's Top Hip-hop, R&B Singer AI "INDEPENDENT" TOUR IN LA
Friday, August 24, 2012 オペラ歌手 稲垣俊也 遠藤久美子: オペラ・讃美コンサート
Friday, August 17, 2012 Yukiko Matsuyama - Japanese Koto - CD Release Concerts
Sunday, August 12, 2012 Nanka Dosanko Kai 40th Anniversary Celebration
Friday, August 10, 2012 LANSCA's Welcome Dinner for the 2012 Goodwill Delegation from Nagoya
Friday, August 10, 2012 Art Exhibition/Reception: The Los Angeles Nagoya Sakura Children's Art Exhibition
Friday, August 10, 2012 Tanabata Matsuri in Los Angeles, Little Tokyo
Sunday, August 05, 2012 Artist Gajin Fujita to speak at Pacific Asia Museum
Tuesday, July 31, 2012 2012 AIU High School Diplomats Program
Wednesday, July 25, 2012 LAEDC 2012 Mid-Year Economic Forecast: Innovation Thrives in Los Angeles County
Thursday, July 19, 2012 6th Annual Sake & Food Tasting
Wednesday, July 18, 2012 The United States, Japan and Free Trade: Moving in the Same Direction?
Monday, July 16, 2012 Japan Foundation Nihongo: Japanese Language Courses
Thursday, July 12, 2012 An Evening with Mario G. Reyes, Photographer - Documentary Film Screening and Retrospective
Thursday, July 12, 2012 Trends and Major Concerns for Employers
Monday, July 09, 2012 Customs Brokers License Examination: 10 Week Exam Prep Course
Sunday, July 08, 2012 BRIDGE USA Summer Festival ブリッジUSA夏祭り
Sunday, July 08, 2012 BEAUTY & ELEGANCE "Swan Lake" Presentation & Sakura Ballet Recital 2012
Saturday, July 07, 2012 Los Angeles Rotary District 5280 Group Study Exchange (GSE) to Japan
Friday, July 06, 2012 Trade Mission: Messe Nagoya 2012
Thursday, July 05, 2012 Fuzjko Hemming: Arigato Charity Concert - 3.11 Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief
Sunday, July 01, 2012 Offers $1000 Scholarship for Study/Travel in Japan
Sunday, July 01, 2012 Dodgers Japan Night!
Saturday, June 30, 2012 Rhythmic Relations 2012: The Remix Show (TAIKOPROJECT)
Friday, June 29, 2012 Free 10 Day Trip to Japan for Educators
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 The Past, Present and Future of Foreign Trade Zones
Thursday, June 21, 2012 Joint Seminar & Networking Mixer in Orange County
Wednesday, June 20, 2012 The Role of the Court in Resolving Disputes with U.S. Customs
Tuesday, June 19, 2012 FuturePorts' Annual Conference 2012 (Strong Ports = Strong California: Keeping Our Freight Here)
Saturday, June 16, 2012 "Walk the Farm" to Help Rebuild Farms in Japan
Friday, June 15, 2012 103rd Anniversary Dinner & Gala Celebration!
Sunday, June 10, 2012 Piano & Japanese Koto Benefit Concert of Fukushima Disaster Relief
Sunday, June 10, 2012 2012 Jokun Recognition Luncheon
Friday, June 08, 2012 Sake Dinner Extravaganza
Sunday, June 03, 2012 Public Lecture on Japan’s History - 1 公開講演会:日本の歴史–1
Saturday, June 02, 2012 Makoto Taiko 7th Annual Concert 2012
Saturday, June 02, 2012 Cherry Blossom Festival SoCal: Camp Stories Awards Show & Auction
Saturday, May 26, 2012 Volunteer & Recovery Support TOHOKU
Thursday, May 17, 2012 6th Annual US-Japan Green Conference: SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION
Wednesday, May 09, 2012 Evening with Consul General of Japan, The Honorable Jun Niimi
Friday, May 04, 2012 86th Annual World Trade Week Kickoff Breakfast
Friday, April 27, 2012 LA Bloom: A New Season
Sunday, April 22, 2012 Miyagi Earthquake Recovery and Tourism Seminar
Friday, April 20, 2012 SAKURA Manga Poster Traveling Exhibit
Thursday, April 19, 2012 LELA Terakoya Children's Art Contest "Flowers for Peace"
Tuesday, April 17, 2012 Lecture: An Icon Turns 100: The Huntington's Japanese Garden
Friday, April 13, 2012 Asia America Youth Orchestra "Got Talent"
Friday, April 13, 2012 Japan Film Festival 2012: ARIGATO from Japan
Tuesday, April 10, 2012 “ABEYA” Tsugaru-Shamisen: Performance and Workshop
Monday, April 09, 2012 “ABEYA” Tsugaru-Shamisen US Tour
Tuesday, April 03, 2012 Screening: Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Monday, March 26, 2012 Asia/Pacific Business Outlook
Sunday, March 25, 2012 Japan Tsunami Fundraiser - The Thousand Cranes Project
Saturday, March 24, 2012 Descanso Gardens' Cherry Blossom Festival Japanese Music Concert
Saturday, March 24, 2012 2012 Tokyo City Cup & Japan Family Day
Tuesday, March 20, 2012 11th Annual Kyoto Prize Symposium
Sunday, March 18, 2012 Ashinaga Ikueikai: LA Marathon and Appreciation and Farewell Reception
Friday, March 16, 2012 Screening: PRAY FOR JAPAN
Thursday, March 15, 2012 LAEDC International Trade Outlook 2012
Wednesday, March 14, 2012 Screening: PRAY FOR JAPAN
Sunday, March 11, 2012 LOVE TO NIPPON - 3.11 Memorial Event for the Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami
Saturday, March 10, 2012 Jam for Japan Awareness Festival & Benefit Concert
Saturday, March 10, 2012 Japan: Endless Discovery
Saturday, March 10, 2012 Rainbow from LA Charity Event: MASAYUKI HIRAHARA Master Class
Saturday, March 10, 2012 Rainbow from LA: Charity Events for the Japan Earthquake Disaster
Thursday, March 08, 2012 Nuclear Energy after Fukushima
Saturday, March 03, 2012 Piano Journey in Japan: Import, Synthesis, and Export From the First Piano Piece in Japan to the Game Music
Thursday, March 01, 2012 Screening: "Cast Me If You Can" 『脇役物語』
Sunday, February 26, 2012 桂歌蔵落語会
Saturday, February 25, 2012 2012 Japan Trade and Investment Mission
Friday, February 24, 2012 English Rakugo with Master Utazo Katsura
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 Japan America Society's Annual Members' Meeting
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Emerging Opportunities and New Challenges in 2012 and Beyond
Sunday, February 12, 2012 20th Annual Whale Watch Cruise
Saturday, February 11, 2012 2012 Target Free Family Saturdays
Tuesday, February 07, 2012 Avant-Garde Japanese Dance: Butoh explained and performed by Golden Corpse Butoh
Wednesday, February 01, 2012 Orange County Welcome Reception of The Honorable Jun Niimi, Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles
Wednesday, February 01, 2012 YFU USA Summer Scholarships to Japan for High School Students
Sunday, January 29, 2012 Japanese Food & Sake Collection 2012
Friday, January 27, 2012 Screening: "Norwegian Wood" 菊池凛子主演 映画上映:[ノルウェイの森]
Thursday, January 26, 2012 Miyazaki, Takahata & Studio Ghibli, 14-Film Retrospective!
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 American Association of Exporters and Importers 2012 Western Regional Seminar
Saturday, January 21, 2012 World Children's Baseball Fair 20th Anniversary Commemorative Award Luncheon
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 Best Practices for Multi-Language eDiscovery in IP litigation and other Multi-National Investigations
Sunday, January 08, 2012 Oshogatsu Family Festival
Sunday, January 01, 2012 2012 Oshogatsu - A Japanese New Year Celebration in Little Tokyo
Saturday, December 17, 2011 Christmas Educational Tour of Disaster Hit Areas in Japan
Thursday, December 15, 2011 Holiday Charity Art Sale to Benefit Keiro Retirement Home
Saturday, December 10, 2011 「家族の絆---東日本大震災、そしてこれからの東北、日本の行く末」
Sunday, December 04, 2011 LACMA: Lecture: Transposing The Tale of Genji
Thursday, December 01, 2011 SAKURA Manga Poster Contest
Tuesday, November 22, 2011 Welcome Reception of The Honorable Jun Niimi, Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles
Friday, November 18, 2011 The Roger Wagner Chorale Benefit Concert, Pre-Japan Tour 2011
Thursday, November 17, 2011 Open call for art by LA's Japanese cultural center: Shikishi Exhibition
Thursday, November 10, 2011 Japan Rising: The Future of the World’s Third Largest Economic Power
Saturday, November 05, 2011 BUDO: United States Martial Arts Festival 2011
Friday, November 04, 2011 Fifth Annual CBAPP Awards Luncheon
Friday, October 28, 2011 4th GOLD Symposium
Saturday, October 22, 2011 Junko Ueno Garrett J.S.Bach: Goldberg Variations
Saturday, October 15, 2011 The South Bay Food Fest
Saturday, October 15, 2011 Keiro’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon
Saturday, October 15, 2011 Keiro’s 50th Anniversary Genki Living Expo
Sunday, October 09, 2011 15th Annual Japan America Kite Festival® 第15回 日米凧あげ大会
Sunday, October 09, 2011 Asia America Symphony Association 50th Anniversary Bravo Awards
Saturday, October 08, 2011 2011 NAAAP LA & OC Annual Awards Gala
Sunday, October 02, 2011 Kosetsu Minami Aurora Benefit Concert
Friday, September 30, 2011 Aurora Foundation Benefit Auction & Dinner
Friday, September 30, 2011 Sister Cities International 2011 Pan-Pacific Conference
Sunday, September 25, 2011 99 Years of Love - Japanese Americans -
Thursday, September 22, 2011 LACMA Conversation & Performance - Recycling: Washi Tales
Saturday, September 17, 2011 Tokyo American Club: Kickin’ It with Konishiki Welcome Back Party 2011
Monday, September 12, 2011 7th Annual Japan America Tennis Open
Monday, September 12, 2011 43rd Annual Japan America Golf Classic
Sunday, September 11, 2011 "Places" A special watercolor exhibition by Shinji Isozaki
Tuesday, September 06, 2011 Japan’s Recent Disasters, Recovery and Implications for the Global Business Future
Friday, September 02, 2011 "LEGEND OF THE PIANO" Fuzjko Hemming Piano Solo Concert USA Tour 2011
Thursday, September 01, 2011 A Farewell Tribute in Honor of The Honorable Junichi Ihara
Thursday, September 01, 2011 U.S. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT: Opportunity for Japanese Companies (Seminar in Japanese)
Wednesday, August 31, 2011 GLOBAL ECONOMIC INSIGHTS Seminar by Masaaki Kanno, Chief Economist of JP Morgan Securities Japan
Tuesday, August 30, 2011 LA Sparks Asian Basketball Night & Pre-game Clinic!
Saturday, August 20, 2011 Nisei Week Sake Tasting Festival
Saturday, August 13, 2011 Japanese Zen Painting
Thursday, August 04, 2011 JCCSC BUSINESS SEMINAR: Tax Refund/Savings on Real Estate Taxes
Sunday, July 31, 2011 Hope For Sendai
Friday, July 29, 2011 Yokkaichi English Fellows 25th Anniversary Reunion
Thursday, July 28, 2011 Little Tokyo Service Center Sake & Food Tasting
Thursday, July 14, 2011 Little Tokyo Design Week
Monday, July 11, 2011 2011 YONEX / OCBC Badminton US Open
Thursday, July 07, 2011 JACL Convention 2011
Saturday, July 02, 2011 Japanese Culture and Language Programs
Wednesday, June 29, 2011 吉田潤喜 チャリティー講演会
Monday, June 27, 2011 The 21st America-Japan Grassroots Summit 2011
Sunday, June 26, 2011 LA Phil Presents Big in Japan: Yellow Magic Orchestra & Cibo Matto
Thursday, June 23, 2011 Denise Uyehara's "Archipelago"
Sunday, June 19, 2011 Japan Relief Concert: Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and Chorale Finale Sing-Along
Saturday, June 18, 2011 "Walk the Farm" to Help Rebuild Farms in Japan
Friday, June 17, 2011 Bowers Museum Dinner Honoring ETSUKO & JOE PRICE
Sunday, June 12, 2011 UNITE4JAPAN Fundraising Concert
Thursday, June 09, 2011 For JAPAN We're United
Friday, June 03, 2011 Cheryl Burke Dance Laguna Niguel - Japan Relief Fundraiser
Sunday, May 29, 2011 Flight of Friendship Japan
Saturday, May 28, 2011 Asia America Symphony Japan Relief Concert
Thursday, May 26, 2011 The 85th Annual World Trade Week & International Trade Delegates Luncheon and Trade Fair
Tuesday, May 24, 2011 KCET LIVE Fundraising Event for Japan
Friday, May 20, 2011 Between Experiment, Form and Culturalism: Butoh in History and Contemporary Practice
Wednesday, May 18, 2011 LAEDC International Trade Outlook 2011
Friday, May 13, 2011 2011 JET Memorial Invitation Program for U.S. High School Students
Wednesday, May 11, 2011 LEAN Leadership Summit 2011
Saturday, May 07, 2011 8 + 1: An Asian American Literary Symposium
Friday, May 06, 2011 85th Annual World Trade Week Kickoff Breakfast
Thursday, May 05, 2011 HKASC Orange County Spring Networking Mixer
Saturday, April 23, 2011 "Thousand Hearts" Concert
Sunday, April 03, 2011 Los Angeles Premiere: Takács Quartet with Nobuyuki Tsujii
Monday, March 28, 2011 24th annual Asia/Pacific Business Outlook (APBO) conference
Saturday, March 26, 2011 2011 Tokyo City Cup & Japan Family Day
Saturday, March 19, 2011 Taiko Virtuoso Hiroyuki Hayashida & The David Benoit Trio Concert
Monday, March 07, 2011 Akita Sake Tasting
Saturday, March 05, 2011 Super Taiko Concert
Thursday, March 03, 2011 JBA 50th Anniversary Dinner
Thursday, March 03, 2011 JBA 50th Anniversary Symposium
Friday, February 25, 2011 Fukuhara, Japan's Continental Capital - A Lecture and Source-reading Workshop
Friday, February 25, 2011 Ghost - Movie Screening
Wednesday, February 23, 2011 Medical Tourism in Japan - Lunch Reception
Thursday, February 17, 2011 The Russian Impact on Japan: Building the Japanese Collections at USC
Wednesday, February 16, 2011 2011-2012 LAEDC Economic Forecast & Industry Outlook
Monday, February 14, 2011 Piano Concert by Yumi Maekawa, Blind Pianist
Sunday, February 13, 2011 My Mingei Legacy - Lecture by Martha Longenecker, Ph.D.
Thursday, February 10, 2011 LA Phil Presents KODO: Samurai Percussionists
Tuesday, November 30, 2010 Photo Exhibition: World Heritage in Japan
Monday, November 29, 2010 American Youth Leadership Program with Japan: Japan – America Watershed Stewardship Project
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